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Monday, April 30, 2012

My new website Off the Hook on the Plate!

Thank you to all who have subscribed so far. I am looking forward to share with you more fishing adventures that are sure to end in an Off the Hook recipe. You can subscribe at anytime it's simple just to the left on this page you see "Fishing/cooking the fresh catch of the day with Josee!" and underneath the link will take you directly to my new website you will also get one heads up on the next posting/webisode which are once a week every Sunday morning! Hope you all join and lets' have some fun and cook and eat delicious fish recipes!!

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  1. I might try that Fish Tacos you've posted on your website, Josee - I can tell how good you are at fishing with those big gag groupers you've caught! Anyway, that was a very educational fish website. Why don't you try posting a video entitled "how to catch fish", "baits for catching fish" or "tips to catch fish" - something like that. As much as possible, use short but catchy titles, this way, you could fish a lot of visitors to your site.

    Sage Aumick