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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Planning on Grilling this weekend? Try this new way to marinade your chicken! Tasteful Chicken Kabob and Rice Dinner

With the Italian Cheese & Herbs Philadelphia cooking crème there is endless possibilities rather than using my good old marinade I used the Italian Cheese & Herbs cooking crème to take my easy chicken Kabob dinner to a whole new level of taste and without any sweats, I had this dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes and let’s just say my Kabob dinner is now better than ever. Enjoy!
Prep: 10 cook: 12min: serves: 4
1 cup quick cooking rice (Uncle Ben’s 10 min)
1 lb Boneless chicken breast (cubed in 12 pieces)
5 oz Kraft Philadelphia Italian cheese & herbs cooking crème
8 cherry tomatoes
1 medium bell pepper (core and seed removed and cubed in 8 pieces)

Place in a shallow pan of water four medium wooden skewers to let them soak up water to prevent burning while grilling later. While your skewers are soaking, on stove top add rice and water to a pot omitting any butter or oils and cook according to package.
In a mixing bowl add cubed chicken and cooking crème and toss to coat the chicken well and set aside. Next spray with non stick cooking spray a grilled pan or your outdoor grill and put heat on medium high heat and let it get nice and hot.
To assemble your kabob start by sliding a chicken cube onto the wet wooden skewer follow with pepper, then tomato and repeat one more time and finish with a chicken cube repeat with remaining three Kabob. Place kabobs on grill pan or outdoor gas grill and cook for approximately 10 to 12 minutes turning them a few times to get the kabob to cook evenly.
Place cook rice on a plate and top with a kabob. Bon Appétit!

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