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Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Savannah Me and Mrs. Paula Deen & Claudia

This was a trip of a life time surrounded with RWOP friends"Chickies" Mrs. Paula Deen her crew husband all of the Eqal production crew they were all so nice I was like WOW all of them are all so close too! This was the best experience I ever was part of and will always remember it! I will post many of the dishes and other pictures with story line of my journey in Savannah with the RWOP community!


  1. Sweet Ms. Josee, Your bright shinning smile just lite up the screen and stage this week! You know I love you to death and I'm so proud of the way you represented RWOP! xoxo You're number one in my book any day♥

  2. Sounds like good times, very nice pictures.

  3. Hey Chickie!Love your blog! YOu are quite a cook my friend! Beautiful pics! I remember it all being quite tasty! xo Beth