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Monday, March 5, 2012

Your tools! That's right a cook does not have a tool box but a drawer full of tools!!

My husband is a mechanic by trade initially an aircraft mechanic, then an RV mechanic and now a heavy equipment mechanic and oh boy his tool box sure has change with that being said I have only been one kind of cook can you guest? My favorite three are my lemon juicer, zester and thongs oh yea I use almost all three every day!! It's funny that the styles of cook you are dictates what tools you use the most!! I think by looking in someone's drawer you can tell what kind of cook they are ;) Oh and by the way I need a bigger kitchen I’m growing out of my tool drawer ;)


  1. My husband was a aircraft mechanic as well in his younger days. And I have borrowed his tools (butane torch for creme brûlée, rubber mallet for meat, etc)! And you got a quite a collection of tools yourself, Josee!

    1. Really Kay? What airline? We both worked for over 15 years with Usairways I was in customer service!! See you in 10 days chicky!!